Going through divorce may be the most challenging time of your life, but we know that it is possible to navigate with minimal collateral damage and shift your family structure in a cordial, healthy way.

Mediation is a rapidly growing field that is changing the face of the divorce and custody process for transitioning couples and families. In a traditional litigation process, the road to change is a lengthy and complicated framework where all life-changing decisions are outsourced to a court judge. Mediation gently fast tracks you through the process aiding you to make the decisions together outside of the traditional court system. Successful mediation facilitates quicker healing and more successful co-parenting as well as having significantly less financial impact.

The mediation team at The Center for Change at Kennett Square helps you move through this process with a group of professionals that work together to help minimize the impact of this life-altering transition.

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Jane Murphy Donze

Jane Murphy Donze is a practicing attorney with 25+ years of experience firmly rooted in family law. Having handled countless family law cases, Ms. Donze is fully versed in the mediation process.  She believes mediation can be a better option for many clients due to its advantages over traditional divorce litigation.

Ms. Donze is a graduate of Boston University and the Widener University School of Law. She and her husband George are a husband-and-wife team of lawyers at Donze & Donze, which has offices in Kennett Square and in Media, Pennsylvania. A mother of two, she and George reside in Kennett Square with their two sons.

Philosophy on mediation

After handling hundreds of divorces, including property disputes, spousal support, and custody battles, I have seen the emotional and financial strain that traditional divorce proceedings can inflict on families. Conversely, because mediation happens outside the court system, it affords clients more control, quicker resolution, and significant cost-savings.

Jane is a firm believer in mediation as a tool to help families heal more quickly, co-parent more successfully and save significant financial resources — further reducing the stress of divorce. It is always gratifying to see families emerge stronger, healthier, and better positioned to begin their next chapter on a more positive footing as a result of mediation.


Winden Rowe

Winden Rowe is the Director of The Center for Change at Kennett Square where she works with individuals, couples, families, and organizations. Her education, clinical experience, and passionate interest center around the study of and work in the field of stress and trauma. Ms. Rowe’s approach to securing sustained improvement and recovery for clients dealing with the effects of stress and trauma centers around linking the biological, psychological, and social implications of traumatic stress and the identified challenge. In addition to counseling, Winden lectures, teaches, and consults in the field. She is a member of HEAL PA, a trauma informed approach to addressing social and political change in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and a community advisory board member at the University of Pennsylavia on the topic of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), and suicide prevention in military servicepersons. 



Linda Gross

Linda Gross is a life coach, business professional, and former global nomad. Before settling down in Kennett Square, PA in 2014, Linda spent her time living, working and studying in various countries across the globe. Her extensive international background combined with her corporate world experience, provided her the opportunity to work in populations of different contexts. This, along with her curiosity in behavior and personal growth inspired Linda to take the step into a life-long dream: working in the field of life coaching.

Her goal as a life coach is to help people deepen their connection with their inner voice – to help individuals grow their inner dialogue from a place of strength, courage and compassion. She has a keen understanding of human insights and complex emotions, and is a firm believer that growth is best achieved when using a holistic approach that involves the mind, body, and soul.

Education accomplishments include a BBA from Jonkoping University (Sweden); Leadership & Management studies at Singapore Management University and Copenhagen Business School (Denmark). She is also notably in the process of certifying in Positive Psychology and Emotional Resilience at the University of Pennsylvania.

Linda has a strong gravity toward those looking for direction and guidance when feeling “stuck” or looking for a way to move forward. She is also interested in working with those who need direction, support and encouragement while moving through a challenging time.