Winden Rowe is a prolific writer on all things trauma-related at both the micro and macro levels. She has aspirations to influence population health awareness through her writing and her work with the government. Her goal in writing is to break the stigma that is the undercurrent of our mental health system in the United States. She hopes through writing to shift the American population mindset to be more trauma-aware, and to use trauma and her deep understanding of it at a biological and psychological level to unify populations versus divide. She fundamentally believes, as demonstrated in the research, that a trauma-informed country will enhance population health at a prevention level.

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Divorce can be an act of love!

Divorce can be an act of love!

“Divorce can be an act of love.”   Yes, that might sound strange at first - even provocative - but we would like to challenge the general idea of divorce as a reason to hate your ex spouse, and as something that must be ugly, conflict filled and alienating....

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