Wellness is not a stand-alone experience. With incredible gains in research regarding health and neuroscience, we now have a comprehensive understanding of the nervous system, and the critical link between the body and mind, which are no longer seen as separate. During our process of building wellness offerings to our clientele, The Center KSQ is delighted to offer a rotation of wellness options, including life coaching and seasonal outdoor yoga.  


Life Coaching at The Center KSQ

Linda Gross is a life coach, business professional, and former global nomad. Before settling down in Kennett Square, PA in 2014, Linda spent her time living, working and studying in various countries across the globe. Her extensive international background combined with her corporate world experience, provided her the opportunity to work in populations of different contexts. This, along with her curiosity in behavior and personal growth inspired Linda to take the step into a life-long dream: working in the field of life coaching.

Her goal as a life coach is to help people deepen their connection with their inner voice – to help individuals grow their inner dialogue from a place of strength, courage and compassion. She has a keen understanding of human insights and complex emotions, and is a firm believer that growth is best achieved when using a holistic approach that involves the mind, body, and soul.

Education accomplishments include a BBA from Jonkoping University (Sweden); Leadership & Management studies at Singapore Management University and Copenhagen Business School (Denmark). She is also notably in the process of certifying in Positive Psychology and Emotional Resilience at the University of Pennsylvania.

Linda has a strong gravity toward those looking for direction and guidance when feeling “stuck” or looking for a way to move forward. She is also interested in working with those who need direction, support and encouragement while moving through a challenging time.

 Linda is here to help. To contact her, please email Linda@TheCenterKSQ.com