Counseling is at the core of what we do at The Center KSQ. The inception of the design of our integrated-wellness community was founded on the insight and vision of our original counseling team. Counseling is such a vital and important tool. It centers around not what is wrong with you, but about what has happened. This is a paradigm shift in the clinical world and a cornerstone to who we are and how we practice as a team at The Center KSQ.


Winden S. Rowe


Winden Rowe is the Director of The Center for Change at Kennett Square where she works with individuals, couples, families, and organizations. Her education, clinical experience, and passionate interest center around the study of and work in the field of stress and trauma. Ms. Rowe’s approach to securing sustained improvement and recovery for clients dealing with the effects of stress and trauma centers around linking the biological, psychological, and social implications of traumatic stress and the identified challenge. In addition to counseling, Winden lectures, teaches, and consults in the field. Her newest venture in partnering with mediation experts is an exciting adventure for her. She is excited to work with families in the community to help reduce the impact of traumatic stress that tends to come along with family transitional change.

Ms. Rowe has been a guest on a variety of media broadcasts including National Public Radio ‘Morning Edition’, ‘Radio Times’ and lectures at Jefferson University in the Community and Trauma Counseling Graduate Program.  She is a member of HEAL PA, a trauma informed approach to addressing social and political change in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and a community advisory board member at the University of Pennsylvania on the topic of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), and suicide prevention in military service persons.  She is incredibly passionate about her work and is also a prolific writer on trauma, healing, and resilience.

Areas of Expertise: Trauma, Stress, Addiction, Codependency, Eating Disorder, Divorce, LGBTQ, Women’s issues, Parenting, Veterans

Media & Podcasts

To reach Winden please Contact Amanda, our administrative director, thank you!

Beth Wolske


Beth is a PA Clinical Licensed Social Worker and Psychology lecturer who has taught for the CUNY system of higher education for the past seven years. She specializes in issues such as anxiety and trauma as well as positive parenting, couple/child relationship dynamics, behavioral therapy, and perinatal complexities involving pregnancy, birth and postpartum. For clients eager to address ritualistic or repetitive thoughts and/or behavior, often triggered by anxiety, trauma, and/or an OCD diagnosis, Beth offers a unique blend of Exposure Response Prevention coupled with empathetic, psychodynamic therapy. Beth’s approach is an effective, compassionate method to approach tough rituals and fears that often are difficult for us to solve on our own. 
Beth earned her Masters Degree in Social Work from West Chester University and has served in many therapeutic roles throughout her career. Her experience working with women, children, and families spans a variety of disciplines and environments. Prior to teaching she served as a Behavior Specialist for several non profit agencies in Chester County, leading the Parent-Child-Interaction-Therapy unit and helping parents form stronger and more resilient relationships with their children. She has also served as a school counselor for the New Castle County public schools, working with children from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds and encouraging emotional wellness and support for local youth. She has worked in homes across Chester County providing therapy to children on the autism spectrum, and worked in Early Intervention services at The Arc of Chester County. 
“I have always been drawn to people-intrigued by how our minds sort through issues and often get stuck when we are without support. My goal is to empower clients to feel safe and supported in their own feelings while establishing skills to reach life goals-whether emotional, intellectual, physical, relational or spiritual. I believe the relationship between therapist and client is paramount and I work in alliance with clients throughout treatment to encourage a united, effective approach.”
Areas of expertise: Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Perinatal Complexities (anxiety, trauma, depression), Parenting, Family Relationships.

Christine Jones


Christine Jones is a Pre-licensed Master’s level Clinical Counselor. She uses her nurturing energy and empathetic mindset to put her clients at ease in an effort to fully connect and allow them to feel heard and safe. She believes trust and comfort are the foundations of a productive therapeutic relationship. She understands the challenges people face throughout their lives and addresses issues using a combination of a Person-Centered approach and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques. She also often uses humor, creativity, and mindfulness to help clients design step by step strategies to keep them from feeling overwhelmed.

Christine’s goal is to help clients take control of their own lives and set goals based on their own unique vision of contentment. Christine works with all age groups but has more extensive experience with late adolescents and young adults addressing issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, addictions, and other mental health issues. As a parent, she identifies with the system based struggles families face as children grow, change, mature, and ultimately launch.

Christine is the founder of Care Forward Counseling Services and together with The Center For Change she hopes to offer holistic healthful solutions to mental health issues. She is Ally Trained in LGBTQA issues as well as Cultural Diversity and is familiar with cross-generational and cross-cultural communication struggles. Her goal is to consider all aspects of her clients’ lives, to listen intently, and help them restructure ideas and self-imposed limits. Christine feels strongly that with support and compassion clients will find an ally in her and their partnership can ease growing pains and help clients adjust to changes with grace thus gently guiding them forward with care.

Areas of Expertise: Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Grief, Illness, Addiction, Eating Disorders, Family System Issues, LGBTQ Related Advocacy, Late Adolescent and Young Adult Adjustment and Maturity issues, Self Esteem Challenges.

Christine is a pre-licensed counselor under supervision accruing post-grad hours.

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Diana Damon


Diana is a Master’s level Clinical Mental Health Counselor who creates a warm, supportive, and non-judgmental environment where adults, adolescents, young adults, couples, and families feel comfortable exploring the uncomfortable.  She utilizes a collaborative approach, emphasizing that each client is an expert on themselves.  She believes that a strong, trusting therapeutic alliance is the foundation to a rewarding experience in therapy.  This collaboration helps to build self-esteem, unpack trauma, work towards goals, and overcome internal barriers.

Diana supports each client in developing a realistic and sustainable treatment plan to support them through various life transitions and individual mental health struggles.  She applies elements of various therapeutic modalities in order to fit the specific needs of each client including CBT, DBT, psychodynamic psychotherapy, motivational interviewing, mindfulness, and body-based techniques.

“I am very grateful for the privilege of hearing clients’ stories and helping them to heal, make changes, and feel better about themselves and their future.”

Areas of expertise:  Depression, Loneliness, Stress, Anxiety, Rumination, Career Challenges, Anger, Life Transitions, Recovery / Relapse Prevention, Relationships, Family Issues.

Diana is a pre-licensed counselor under supervision accruing post-grad hours.

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Eric Shapiro


Eric is a mental health therapist who recently moved to the area from Philadelphia. Eric’s approach and philosophy are grounded in creative interventions through a supportive and trauma focused lens. A writer, father, and graduate of Thomas Jefferson University’s Trauma Counseling program, Eric uses a combination of cognitive behavioral, existential, and narrative techniques to help clients tell their story and work through both past and present struggles to lead a more fulfilling life.

“Maybe you’re coping with the grind of daily living, or something deeper that was never properly addressed. Our minds have a funny way of trying to reconcile the past by taking a toll on the present. And by building awareness to past experiences we can create a stronger bridge to the present, connecting what you have endured to what you might be struggling with today.” 

Eric models his existential work after Viktor Frankl, psychologist and author of “Man’s Search for Meaning.” Eric strongly believes in a non-judgmental person-centered approach, one where the counseling relationship is built with absolute trust.  

“My background and specialization in trauma treatment means you never have to worry about whether something you want to discuss is ‘too much.’  We can’t be expected to walk on egg shells or tip toe around the more difficult aspects of our lives. How else can we ever switch from merely surviving, to thriving? I think we all deserve that. Everyone has to start somewhere.”  

Areas of Expertise: Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Creative Professionals, Adults, Adolescents, Life Changes, Career Counseling, Family Conflict, Couples, Stress Management, Existential Crises. Certified in Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD.  

Eric is a pre-licensed counselor under supervision accruing post-grad hours.

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Heather Davidson


Heather is a pre-licensed, post-graduate clinician with experience in EMDR Therapy, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, trauma, addiction, and individual counseling. A former high schoolteacher, Heather acknowledges that there is a special magic in the group process that is not achievable in 1:1 therapy.

Heather’s passion is the women’s group she facilitates here at The Center KSQ on Wednesday evenings.
Heather wants to know who you are and what you value in life. She understands that you are the expert on your life; no one else on the planet knows what it feels like to be you.

Through Narrative Therapy, she wants to empower you to find the answers within you that will optimize your mental health and overall well-being.

Areas of Expertise: Trauma, Addiction, Anger, Grief, Shame, Attachment, Codependency, Life Transitions, Values, Women’s Issues, Systemic Issues, EMDR, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy

Jason R. Saltarelli


Jason’s passion is empowering clients to accomplish their goals in an optimal and mindful manner. He works with all ages but specializes in adolescents, young adults, and executives who experience stress, maladaptive coping, and mental health concerns. Jason combines his creativity with his humble yet expansive degree of life experience. As a counselor, Jason is dedicated to holistic health with mindfulness as a core value.

Jason’s professional identity is rooted in humanism with an Eclectic mix of Acceptance & Commitment therapeutic techniques, a Mindfulness-Based CBT orientation, with existential traditions. He believes self-compassion and connection are the keys to change. As a past executive and parent, Jason has seen the impact of systematic hardships and believes sustainable change may be found through vulnerability and communication.
“Your path to recovery, independence, and a higher quality of life may feel distant, but you need not travel alone.”

“My passion is empowering people to accomplish their goals in a mindful and compassionate manner. Together we’ll take steps to Reconnect, Recenter & Restore your wellness.”

Areas of Expertise: Anxiety, Addiction, Depression, Divorce/Blending Families, Career Counseling, Excessive Stress, Parenting, Substance Abuse, Identity/Personality Struggles, Youth Development (ie ADD), and additional mental health concerns.

Jason is a pre-licensed counselor under supervision accruing post-grad hours.

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Jenna Loz


Jenna Loz MS, NCC is a compassionate and down-to-earth trauma therapist who specializes in helping people reconnect with their inner selves. Jenna works with anyone who has experienced trauma – big, small, or in-between. She believes that our relationships with ourselves are deeply impacted by our core experiences and relationships with others throughout our lives. Our ability to experience healthy attachment impacts our ability to trust ourselves. In therapy, Jenna wants to work with you to rediscover yourself and learn how to have healthy relationships again (or for the first time ever).

Jenna’s trauma therapy approach mainly uses two perspectives of therapy. Jenna is trained in Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) as of December 2023. With EMDR, Jenna infuses elements of “parts work” into her practice. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a standardized systematic, body based approach. It stimulates parts of your brain to help you stay half in the moment and half in your memories to process the past parts where your brain is “stuck” in your trauma. Using EMDR, Jenna helps you focus on getting out of your head and attuning to where you hold trauma in their body. Jenna currently offers EMDR integration services for folks transitioning out of ketamine-assisted therapy (KAP).

Jenna focuses on working with young adults, adolescents and/or survivors of sexual abuse of any age or gender. Jenna has expertise in working with the LGBT+ community, gender-affirming care and those on the neurodivergent continuum with specific sensory needs. She aids folks who have experienced trauma as a result of the process of obtaining their medical or psychiatric diagnoses. Jenna happily writes accommodation letters and documentation for gender-affirming care. She enjoys working with folks diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD); she views this diagnosis as a constellation of relational trauma symptoms (aka a pattern needing to be recognized and nurtured like other symptoms).

If you feel like you would benefit from reconnecting with yourself, reach out to Jenna now. Areas of Expertise: Trauma, Survivors of Sexual Assault (s), Attachment, Codependency, Stress, OCD, Neurodivergency, Complicated Grief, Relational Trauma, LGBTQIA+, Gender affirming care, Medical Trauma, Chronic Illness, Processing New Mental Health Diagnosis, Sexuality, Gender, Parentification, Reparenting, Blended Families, Depression, Anxiety, Shame, Guilt

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John W. Dougherty III D.O., M.S


Dr. Dougherty is a board-certified psychiatrist who treats those with psychiatric disorders along with having a special interest in traumatic brain injury and sports psychiatry/sports psychology.  He continues to collaborate with colleagues to promote the literature in the TBI field. He is very comfortable treating medically complicated patients and is an expert in the cutting-edge treatment of ketamine for depression.


Dr. Dougherty completed his psychiatric training at Johns Hopkins Hospital.  Prior to this, he completed a family medicine residency at Bryn Mawr Hospital where he received the resident mental health award.  He also has a masters degree in genetics from Thomas Jefferson University.  He went to Philadelphia College of Osteopathic medicine for medical school and completed his undergraduate work at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.

Dr. Dougherty is a member of the International Society of Sports Psychiatry (ISSP) and a member and former board member of the American Society of Ketamine Physicians, Psychotherapists & Practitioners (ASKP3). He is a part-time faculty member at Johns Hopkins Hospital and also the Associate Medical Director at Harbor of Grace Recovery where treatment focuses primarily on first responders such as firefighters, police officers, EMTs and military members.

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John R. Hill


John specializes in Couples and Family Therapy. He also works with a variety of people having many other different treatment goals. He utilizes an eclectic approach that begins with analysis of his clientele in the context of where they see themselves at the time the therapy begins. He focuses on the family and the individuals as part of a larger system and treatment is prescribed according to needs.

John seeks to assist people in making the changes they would like to make to strengthen and improve how they view themselves and function within the family or other relationships, helping to guide them to a happier healthier life.

“I am unique as a therapist because of the many life experiences I have had. These have included extensive education and many different cultural influences. I have lived in rural, suburban, and urban communities. Professionally I have worked as a laborer, business professional, clergy person, and therapist. I have been a husband and a father.

“Over the years I integrated my education and these many experiences to become the person and therapist I am today. These qualities and others help me to relate to a wide range of individuals and the many different circumstances they bring to me.”

Areas of Expertise: Affairs and Infidelity, Anger Management, Divorce, Grief, Loss and Bereavement, LGBTQ, Life Transitions, Men’s Issues, Parenting, PTSD, Relationship Issues, Veterans, Active Military and Their Families.

John is a pre-licensed counselor under supervision accruing post-grad hours.

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Julie Smith


Julie is a master’s level clinician who recently graduated from Thomas Jefferson University’s Community and Trauma Counseling Program. Julie uses a trauma-informed approach when working with clients and families to better the whole picture of what is happening with the client. Julie is passionate about helping the client feel encouraged and supported throughout the therapeutic process. She utilizes many different approaches when in therapy because one size does not fit all, and the same goes for those in therapy. With this, Julie is able to work with the client to listen to the client’s needs which in turn allows client to practice autonomy. Julie believes that the therapeutic relationship is one of the most critical parts of counseling and strives to connect with all her clients.

Julie works with all ages but has the most experience with adult and adolescent clients during her internship, addressing issues such as trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, and other mental health issues that are commonly experienced. Julie’s goal in therapy is to help her clients recognize the supports and strengths that they can utilize during the healing process while also working with the client to promote new knowledge of coping skills and techniques. 

As a therapist, Julie understands the importance of working alongside multiple levels of support with the client to ensure the best care and treatment planning. Though trauma work and therapy can seem daunting to individuals, Julie works to make each session a comfortable, safe place where the individual can thrive and feel welcomed.

Areas of expertise: Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Stress Management, Grief, and Attachment issues.

Kasey Mingione


Kasey is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Master of Education in Elementary School Counseling, and over eight years of experience in community-based and outpatient mental health services. Her most notable roles were Behavior Consultant and Mobile Therapist, in which she met her clients and their caregivers where they were at to provide them the support that they needed at that crucial time in their lives. Prior to pursuing her licensure, Kasey was also an Intensive Outpatient Intake Coordinator and Group Therapist for children with Autism. In addition to both public school and private school internships, Kasey’s professional experience in education includes positions as a Tutor and Academic Coach.
Kasey’s niche is working with preschool and elementary-aged children whose parents are seeking support not just for their children but for themselves to be able to help and better connect with their children. She also enjoys working with young adults who are in a phase of self-exploration and finding space for themselves in a new world.
Kasey describes her approach as eclectic, with a strengths-based and holistic focus that considers development, context, and systems. Kasey tailors her sessions to the strengths and interests of her clients because just as everyone learns differently, everyone heals differently.
Areas of Expertise: ADHD, Anger, Anxiety, Autism, Blended Families, Children, Communication Issues, Family Dynamics, Intellectual Disabilities, Learning Disabilities, Mood Disorders, Multigenerational Impacts, Self Esteem, Stress, Young Adult Mental Health

Kia Medley-Stephens


Kia Medley-Stephens is a masters-level psychotherapist, behavior therapist, and PA and DE-licensed professional counselor specializing in treating children, adolescents, and adults across the lifespan. She earned a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Walden University in 2015 and became a nationally certified counselor with the National Board-Certified Counselors. An avid learner, Kia takes continuing education courses to ensure the delivery of evidence-based practices to individuals served.

For more than 25 years, Kia has served the child and adolescent population in one capacity or another. She worked as a counselor to adjudicated youth residing in residential therapeutic programs. Kia counseled adults diagnosed with chronic mental health disorders and aided in their transition from hospitals to group homes to independent living in the community. Kia transitioned back to serving youth by working with children in the PA foster care system. She served as a clinical director in community behavioral, facilitated social-emotional group therapy services to the child and adolescent autistic population, and provided individual counseling services to individuals across the lifespan.

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Kristen Czech


Kristen Czech specializes in treating individuals, couples, and families healing from complex trauma, eating disorders, and relationships/attachment disorders. Anxiety, depression, addiction, relational issues, and other symptoms naturally emerge in response to these stressors. Together, we will address them all. Kristen dedicates herself to seeing and treating each person individually while understanding their systems (family, work, school, community, etc.) and honoring their story. Kristen offers attachment-based and relational therapy focused on relieving symptoms or survival strategies (ED, addiction, etc.) but primarily dedicated to healing the underlying experiences that catalyzed their development. She has nine years of experience in treating patients with Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and has had great success in helping clients heal complex trauma. Kristen also uses Internal Family Systems (IFS) & Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), incorporating CBT, DBT, & ACT to address all parts of healing.

Kristen’s passion for giving people the space and safety to be vulnerable, seen, and healed has been the foundation for all stages of her career. She is both a registered nurse and pediatric nurse practitioner, and she has worked with patients and families in crisis for many years. She is passionate about educating all providers about approaching and caring for humans with a trauma-focused lens. Kristen advocates for patients navigating the mental healthcare system through Guardian Nurses and provides crisis response for organizations. She gives presentations and leads forum discussions about trauma, relationships, crisis, and eating disorders at universities, businesses, and associations. She has worked with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, The Renfrew Center, Drexel University, The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), Pediatric Hospital Medicine (PHM), and more.

Most importantly, Kristen reminds her clients that she is a human with a unique story, just like every other human. She is an empath at heart and a realist through and through. Kristen values individuality while understanding how systems and relationships impact each person differently. She challenges clients to think differently, feel deeply, and find humor. She will move with you beyond the symptoms and nurture safe spaces for connection and healing. Kristen believes in the power of showing up and wants nothing more than for all people from all backgrounds to arrive at her door precisely as they are, and she will meet you there with open arms. She believes in helping people build lives led by their most authentic selves, evolve from the confines of their story, and focus on the life THEY want to live individually and relationally. Healing is possible.

Areas of Expertise: Complex Trauma (PTSD), Eating Disorders, Families, Relationships, and LGBTQIA+

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Melissa Paolercio


Melissa is a graduate of Thomas Jefferson University’s Community and Trauma Counseling Art Therapy program. Melissa is an art therapist and a master’s level mental health counselor who believes that meeting people where they are is essential for the healing process. With her creative person-centered approach, she partners with clients to help them achieve their therapeutic goals. Melissa believes that each person has a unique story making each person’s healing journey unique. 
Melissa has worked in non-profit arts for over 20 years with both youth and adults and is passionate about the power of the arts to help people connect, heal, and grow. Melissa also serves as the Executive Director of The Center for the Creative Arts in Yorklyn, DE. When Melissa isn’t making art, she loves enjoying the outdoors, gaming, and spending time with her blended family. Melissa also holds an MFA from Yale School of Drama. 
Areas of Expertise: Art Therapy, ADHD, couples and family, depression, anxiety, divorce, parenting, grief, women’s issues, LBGTQ+

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Sarah Lanahan


Sarah engages a trauma-informed approach to care for clients’ mind, body and spirit. This approach does not ask “what is wrong with you” but instead seeks to understand “what happened in your life” that led to where you are now. The course of therapy begins with establishing safety — in self and in relationship — while learning grounding techniques and coping skills for daily life before moving into deeper work for transformation. Short-term and longer-term counseling is available, depending on the client’s needs and goals. 
Sarah’s holistic framework takes a client’s whole system into consideration. She believes our struggles usually come from learned (and often reasonable!) responses to difficult circumstances; since we cannot control everything around us, healing comes through cultivating the conditions for peace and groundedness from within. Trained in pastoral care, Sarah’s non-judgmental, non-denominational approach accepts each client for who they are where they are in their journey. 
“The people I work with come from a wide range of ages, orientations, cultural backgrounds and relational configurations. The one thing they have in common is the desire to feel better and live more fully.”
Sarah also has a Master’s degree in education, and a former life as a high school teacher. She is drawn to adolescents and young adults who need support navigating a wide variety of challenges and transitions, as well as parents who may be struggling.
Areas of expertise: Relationships, LGBTQ+, family systems, communication, transitions & discernment, anxiety & depression, parenting. 
Multicultural competencies, trauma-informed, pastoral care/spiritual formation

Sarah is a pre-licensed counselor under supervision accruing post-grad hours.

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Sean Burns


Sean is a Licensed Professional Counselor, with a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology. Sean has experience working as a TSS, working in the school, home, and community with families and their children that had externalized behaviors. Sean completed his master’s level internship in a community mental health setting facilitating groups for substance use. Sean has spent the last four years working in an urban school district as a School-Based Therapist. During his time in this role Sean worked with children from Kindergarten to Eighth grade, providing critical services that were otherwise unachievable to this population. Sean utilized creative interventions to highlight the clients’ resiliency and boost self-esteem. Sean emphasized the establishment of safety in the therapeutic environment to build a trusting relationship. Sean worked with a diverse range of caregivers including: married parents, single parents, co-parenting, adoptive parents, and grandparents. He worked with them to utilize behavioral strategies to meet the needs of their child and family. Sean addressed the parents’ own mental health concerns, providing coping strategies and encouraging support systems for their own self-care.

Sean describes his therapeutic modality as an eclectic approach. Sean uses art and play based theories to foster an understanding of the core concepts of cognitive behavioral therapies.

Areas of expertise: Children, Adolescent, Trauma, Multicultural, Externalized Behaviors, Anxiety, Depression, Self-esteem, and Familial Distress.

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Aijah Hickey


I am a Clinical Mental Health Counseling student at West Chester University and intern here at the Center! I enjoy working with children, adolescents, and families with concerns related to navigating and healing from trauma, executive functioning, parent-child relationships, coming of age transitions, LGBTQIA+ issues, and more. My approach includes CBT and DBT techniques, motivational interviewing, narrative therapy, play therapy, and trauma informed care. I believe in empowering clients by building on their foundation to foster resiliency, develop coping skills, and build a healthy, successful future. 
My background includes several years of experience in the government within the Juvenile Justice system, education systems, and dependency courts. I utilized evidence-based practices, collaborated with community agencies throughout Chester County to connect children and families with necessary resources, and made appropriate, informed recommendations to the courts. My work with mandated clients helped me develop a skill for meeting individuals where they are at and taking a tailored, non-judgmental, approach to each person. I am passionate about advocating for and mentoring youth
to help them achieve lifelong success to overcome every obstacle life throws at them.
Outside of work and school, you can catch me coaching CrossFit within the community  and training for competitions. I am a member of the Army National Guard and enjoy serving my country. I give back to my community as much as I can through community service and recently became a foster mom for rescue dogs. I also love all things animal and nature!

Davejah Nixon


Davejah Nixon is currently working towards her masters in clinical counseling at Neumann University. She is an intern who is genuine and relatable with a focus on making therapy feel safe and judgment free. Through her experiences of being a peer advisor and also a brain injury specialist. She has grown in her ability to help various individuals with coping skills, stress management and behavioral plans. Davejah enjoys working with children, adolescents and adults. 

Her approach includes CBT, ACT, Reality Therapy and Play Therapy. In the future she plans on training in EMDR to help clients reprocess trauma. Davejah is passionate about engaging with her clients to make them feel heard, empowered and supported during their journey of therapy. She believes life can be tough, but you don’t have to go through tough times alone. 

During her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and traveling. She also volunteers at a cheer gym helping children and adolescents learn how to cheer, tumble, and stunt. Through her creative side she loves fashion, poetry, and painting. 

Areas of interest: Anxiety, Stress Management, Trauma, Self-Esteem, Depression, Addiction,  Relationships and LGBTQIA+


Kayla Wilson


Kayla is a master’s level student in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at West Chester University. As she is finishing her classes, Kayla is putting her education and experiences to practice as an intern. 10 years of working in diverse childcare settings allowed her to develop a deep understanding of the cognitive, social, and emotional development of children and the effects of environmental influences. Kayla knew she wanted to be a counselor since middle school however, working in childcare is what fueled her interest in becoming a counselor for children, adolescent, and teen populations. Through her studies, Kayla has learned about the effectiveness and benefits that early intervention services can have for child development– especially for youth who have experienced trauma.

Kayla’s previous clinical experience was in a Partial Hospitalization Program which treats adolescents and teens who experience chronic or acute mental health difficulties. While Kayla utilized a variety of CBT, ACT, and DBT techniques, she found strength-based approaches to be especially helpful for assisting clients in recognizing their resiliency, strength, and capability which overall promoted increased self-esteem and feelings of empowerment. 

Kayla is so excited to be a part of a team that are advocates in the community and partner with organizations such as A Child’s Light– who provide support for children who have been victimized. Kayla’s primary goal as a counselor is to provide a safe and comfortable environment where her clients feel heard, seen, and supported in ways that will promote healing and growth. Kayla recognizes and emphasizes the importance of autonomy which is why she aims to work collaboratively with her clients to develop goals and skills that are unique to each person’s journey. 

“In my free time, I love to explore and appreciate nature (especially with the company of good friends), engage my creative side through painting and crafts, and listen to my favorite songs on repeat.

Areas of interest: Trauma, LGBTQ+ concerns, anxiety, depression, self-esteem

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Zachary Graham


Zach is a Clinical Counseling master’s level intern who has joined the team at The Center to acquire further experience during his pursuit of his degree.Zach entered the field of mental health with a diverse background. Before walking the path of a mental health counselor, he has had a variety of experiences from developing IEP’s and interventions for children with behavioral issues and disabilities, to de-escalating suicidal individuals and assisting in incidents involving mental health as a law enforcement officer.

Through this background, Zach identified the value of performance psychology and various processes of navigating through different experiences that can have a negative impact on one’s mental health. Because of this, Zach has seen the value in creating an environment for clients in which safety and trust are essential and has made it a top priority to do so during sessions.

Zach has experience working with both adults and children in individual and couples therapy settings. Most of his experience has been with CBT, DBT, and Person-centered therapeutic approaches, but is most satisfied pulling different aspects of different theories to utilize them in a personalized approach for each client.

Zach believes that if a client has the ability to see a problem, then they have the ability to see a solution as well and enjoys being a clinician that can assist those clients to unlock the most capable version of themselves. Zach is excited to join The Center and has developed a further curiosity and passion about how traumas and attachments can impact one’s life.

Areas of interest: anxiety, couples counseling, stress management, trauma, attachment issues,  integration therapy for Ketamine.

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Keith Schumacher


Keith is a Life Coach, working one on one with adolescents with a focus on high functioning autism. He specializes in developing emotional stability, while assisting his clients in creating realistic goals and assisting them with the steps it takes to achieve them.  This includes developing healthy relationships with friends/family, and teaching work ethic, focus, and problem solving.  Keith’s passion is to teach his clients the work it takes to have a happy and fulfilling life and give them the tools and emotional support to succeed.
Keith gives his clients a safe space to talk through situations at home and school outside of their parents and teachers. He assists clients in how to better handle things like stress and anger. 
Keith enjoys walking, traveling, cooking, bowling, and listening to audio books/podcasts in his free time.

Linda Gross


Linda Gross is a life coach, business professional, and former global nomad. Before settling down in Kennett Square, PA in 2014, Linda spent her time living, working and studying in various countries across the globe. Her extensive international background combined with her corporate world experience, provided her the opportunity to work in populations of different contexts. This, along with her curiosity in behavior and personal growth inspired Linda to take the step into a life-long dream: working in the field of life coaching.

Her goal as a life coach is to help people deepen their connection with their inner voice – to help individuals grow their inner dialogue from a place of strength, courage and compassion. She has a keen understanding of human insights and complex emotions, and is a firm believer that growth is best achieved when using a holistic approach that involves the mind, body, and soul.

Education accomplishments include a BBA from Jonkoping University (Sweden); Leadership & Management studies at Singapore Management University and Copenhagen Business School (Denmark). She has a certificate in Positive Psychology and Emotional Resilience at the University of Pennsylvania as well as in Mediation from CORA Good Shepherd Mediation.

Linda has a strong gravity toward those looking for direction and guidance when feeling “stuck” or looking for a way to move forward. She is also interested in working with those who need direction, support and encouragement while moving through a challenging time.

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